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Copyright 2012 | All Rights Reserved.
Copyright 2012 | All Rights Reserved.
Newton Streeter - Owner, Designer, Consultant & Writer
Zahanine Streeter - Owner, Designer, Consultant & Programmer
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Newton E. Streeter

Home Entertainment is more than renting a DVD on a Friday night.

"It's 11:00pm. Do you know where your child is?"

If you are a child of the 60's or 70's, you may remember hearing this Public Service Announcement on your TV. And guess what? You knew just where to find that kid, at home. And if, by chance, she wasn't in front of that TV listening to that very PSA, she was in bed catching up on her sleep from all that OUTSIDE time during the week. I'm sure you remember when kids actually went outside to play? A simple time, compared to the electronic age we dwell in now. If you want to track down your 11-17 year old these days, you better hope they can receive a cell phone signal at their current location.

Whatever happened to families being together just for the fun of it?

Well I'm here to tell you, Families are on the comeback! Who knew? But that same Electronic age that was putting space between Mom, Dad, sister and brother, is now helping to usher in a new desire for family time. From Media-rooms to dedicated Home Theaters, families are learning that home entertainment is where it's at. Let's make that technology work for us.

Picture this: The lights dim as a pair of beautiful, navy-blue velvet drapes open to reveal an 8 foot screen. A dramatic sound-track begins to build from the 8 speakers placed just right in your tastefully designed Art-Deco styled room. On the screen is a High-Definition, Cineplex type introduction, welcoming your guest to The Smith Family Theater. They are invited to sit back and enjoy the Feature Presentation. Then the room goes dark as your family and friends are swept away as Frodo struggles to throw the ring into the fiery pit, or Harry Potter races to the finish, broom held tight.

You are there. And so are your friends and your kids friends too. Your home is the place to be. There is something quiet calming about that as well. With all the fast-pace world beating at your heels, it's nice to know that your family and friends are close by. It is also a pretty cool and easy way to…well keep tabs on those busy teenagers. They can't break curfew from the family-room sofa.

So if you are giving some thought to a 50 inch plasma with all the surround sound trimmings, don't look at it as just some high-tech distraction taking up wall space in your home. View it as an invitation to the movies, a setting for a group game party or even a study hall for the kids to learn more about history or science-- in High-Def. That's what I do.

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